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European Court of Human Rights: Austria Must Pay Compensation for Sexual Segregation

30 March 2017

Standesamt optPfeil G4As of tomorrow: wedding-halls open to same-gender couples

As of tomorrow, 1 April 2017, registered partnerships in Austria will be concluded at the same place as marriages: in the wedding-halls of the civil registry offices ("Standesamt"). At the same time the European Court of Human Rights ruled that Austria has to pay compensation for the segregation it stubbornly has upheld for many years. persons.

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IUS AMANDI issue 4/2016 released

22 December 2016

 Cover opt

 Historic: RKL-President Graupner Received Vienna State Golden Medal of Merits
 Registered Partnership: Family Names & Wedding Halls

 Federal Presidential Elections: RKL congratulates Alexander Van der Bellen


JUS AMANDI Ausgabe 4/2016 | JUS AMANDI Archiv

RKL-President Graupner Received Vienna State Golden Medal of Merits

14 November 2016

Graupner Frauenberger Orden Brunner Verdienstzeichen RKL Pfeil G4Government decorations for the first time in Austrian history awarded to LGBTI-activists

In the year 2016, celebrating 25 years of Rechtskomitee LAMBDA (RKL), the Vienna state government, for the first time in Austrian history, has awarded governmental decorations for merits against discrimination and for equality of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex persons.

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IUS AMANDI issue 3/2016 released

9 October 2016

 IA 3 16 Cover

 Marriage Equality: Clear Commitment of Federal Chancellor Christian Kern
 Civil Registry Offices & Family Names: Respect for ÖVP´s Big Step

 RKL-President Graupner Received Golden Hedgehog Award


JUS AMANDI Ausgabe 2/2016 | JUS AMANDI Archiv

IUS AMANDI issue 2/2016 released

4 August 2016

 IA Cover 2 16

 Homosexueller Polizist entlassen: Richterin sieht keine Diskriminierung
Historisch: Gericht entscheidet über drittes Geschlecht

 Gericht: Häftling darf Geschlechtsanpassung durchführen
 Neu im Kuratorium: Alexander Van der Bellen, Christian Kern, Elisabeth Steiner,
    Irmgard Griss, Sandra Frauenberger,  Thomas Mader


JUS AMANDI Ausgabe 2/2016 | JUS AMANDI Archiv

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