Sexuality, Adolescence & the Criminal Law
during the 7th Conference of the International Association for the Treatment of Sexual Offenders
Sexual Violence and Sexual Abuse: From Understanding to Protection and Prevention
13 September 2002
Vienna Medical University School, General Hospital
Studienzentrum (HSZ-Hörsaalzentrum, Level 7)
HS 1
- Univ.-Lekt. Dr. Helmut Graupner (University of Innsbruck, Austrian Society for Sex Research), 
The 17-year-old Child - An Absurdity of the Late 20th Century
Vern Bullough, PhD (State University of New York, California State University, USA),
Age of Consent: An Overview
- Bruce Rind, PhD (Temple University, Philadelphia, USA),
An Empirical Examination of Sexual Relations between Adolescents and Adults: They Differ from those between Children and Adults and Should be Treated Separate"
- Dr. phil. Michael C. Baurmann (Criminological Research-Unit of the Federal Bureau of Criminal Investigations (BKA), Wiesbaden; BKA-study "Sexuality, Violence and psychic consequences, 1983; expert heard by the German parliament in 1992),
„Adolescence, Sexuality & the Criminal Law:  the Criminological Perspective"
- Dipl.-Psych. Thomas Möbius (former head of  BASIS-project Hamburg, now director of "Institut des Rauhen Hauses für Soziale Praxis (isp)",, expert heard by the German parliament in 1992),
Prostitution of young persons – a topic of social work and/or penal legislation"
- Univ.-Prof. Dr. Max Friedrich, University of Vienna (Institute for Child- and Youthpsychiatry),
„Adolescence, Sexuality & the Criminal Law: the Perspective of Child Psychiatry"
- Univ.-Prof. Dr. Peter J. Schick, University of Graz (Institute for Criminal Law),
Age of minor victims which should be protected by criminal law provisions
Chair: Univ.-Lekt. Dr. Helmut Graupner
Corresponding Keynote-Lecture:
Univ.-Lekt. Dr. Helmut Graupner
(University of Innsbruck, Austrian Society for Sex Research) 
Sexual Consent - The Criminal Law in Europe and Overseas
(13 Sept. 2002, 11.15-11.45, HS 1)
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No language in the world ever used the term child for persons beyond their early teens. It was the Convention on the Rights of the Child of 1989 which first did away with the distinction between children and adolescents and labelled all minors under 18 children.
In December 2000 the European Commission in proposing an EU-Framework-Decision on Combating the Sexual Exploitation of Children and Child Pornography took this concept over into the criminal law area by creating extensive offences of child-pornography, child-prostitution and even inducement of children into sexual contact without in any way differentiating between five-year-old children and 17-year-old juveniles.
According to the Commission's proposal, which goes very far beyond combating child-pornography and child-prostitution,  a wide variety of adolescent sexual behavior, hitherto completely legal  in the overwhelming majority of jurisdictions in Europe, would be made serious crimes. As for instance to proposition 17 ½ year-old young men and women, sex between 16-year olds against non-economic remuneration, or a lascivious drawing of a 17-year-old girl, even by a 15-year-old boy, photographing of a 16 year-old girl, in her bikinis lasciviously exposing her pubic area, by her 17 year-old boyfriend on the beach, standard pornography involving younger looking 20-year-old adults or even webcam-sex between adolescents.
The heavy criticism this equation of adolescents with children caused among experts was the main reason to hold the this symposium. For this criticism see  and