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IUS AMANDI issue 1/2018 released

14 December 2017

 Cover 1801 gedreht png

 Intersex: Constitutional Court paves the way for third gender

 Marriage equality: Citizens initiative succesfully concluded

JUS AMANDI Ausgabe 1/2018 | JUS AMANDI Archiv

Austrian Constitutional Court Paves the Way for Third Gender

19 March 2018

Pic AlexJürgen NewsPfeil G4Also sex-"normalising" surgery on children held inadmissible

By a decision of 14 March 2018, delivered today, the Austrian Constitutional Court opened proceedings for the repeal of state registration of sex (E 2918/2016). An intersex person, being neither male nor female, had asked the civil status office to correct the entry in the birth register from male to "inter", "other", "X" or a similar designation, or to delete the sex-entry as a whole. After the civil status office had refused and the Administrative Court confirmed the Constitutional Court now preliminarily has found in favor of the intersex person. Rechtskomitee LAMBDA (RKL), Austria´s LGBTI-civil rights organisation, calls the case ground-breaking for the rights of intersex persons.

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IUS AMANDI issue 4/2017 released

14 December 2017

 Cover 17 04 opt

 Austria: first European country recognizes marriage equality as a human right

JUS AMANDI Ausgabe 4/2017 | JUS AMANDI Archiv

Austria: first European country recognizes marriage equality as a human right

4 December 2017

VfGH RegenbogenflaggePfeil G4We won, by all terms!

The Austrian Constitutional Court, in proceedings litigated by RKL-president Dr. Helmut Graupner, just
a) opened up marriage for same-gender couples and
b) opened up registered partnership for opposite-gender couples 
(both from 1 January 2019)

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Constitutional Court Says Marriage Ban Presumably Unconstitutional

17 October 2017

Kinder optimiertPfeil G4First success for the 5 children for marriage
In a decision of 12 October the Austrian Constitutional Court followed the arguments of the 5 children for marriage and preliminarily reversed its case-law (that segregation into marriage and registered partnerships is admissible).

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